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3 Points To Consider For Effective Web Design

A website is an important investment for any business and a great way to not only share ideas and information but also generate leads and sales. Creating a web design strategy helps you to align your business objectives with the design (layout and functionality) of your #website.

After all, we don’t just want a website that looks great, we also want it to help us reach our goals.

Tips For Effective Web Design

Having an attractive and well-designed website for your business creates opportunity to influence people's mindset and help you generate more sales.

Whether you’re now considering your first website or you’re thinking it’s time for a redesign, these 3 simple points in the form of questions will help you get clear about the kind of website your business needs.

What is the purpose of your website and what do you want people to do there?

For example, do you want people to view merchandise and make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or download an app, etc?

​An example of a purpose could be to generate leads and the action you want to be completed could be to sign up for a webinar or newsletter. Having a purpose and setting goals will help you decide what type of website will work best eg. e-commerce vs a blog, as well as the functionality and call to action buttons that you should have.

Who will be using your website?

Things like age, profession, gender, and technical competency should all be taken into consideration as they will influence the features, usability, style, and even font size on your website. A website designed for kids will look vastly different from a website designed for financial investors.

How do you want people to feel on your website?

This should reflect the personality, overall message of your brand, and the experience that you want people to have when interacting with your website. This would cover things like colors, font, images, graphics, layout, and content.

Having a clear idea of the purpose and objectives of your website is crucial to designing the website that your business really needs. A well-designed website isn’t so much about aesthetics as it is about aligning with your goals and moving your intended audience to action.

Website Planning And Optimization Session

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