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Top Website Myths That Can Actually Hurt Your Bottom Line

Updated: May 29, 2021

Picture this...

You go back and forth for months until you finally convince yourself that your business needs a website.

You go ahead and get one.

You're super excited to see it go live because hello... your business is officially on the world wide web!!

But soon all that excitement is quickly replaced with confusion and despair...

Top Website Myths That Can Hurt Your Bottom Line
Why am I not getting any leads?
Why aren't people buying anything on my website?
Where did I go wrong?
How do I fix it?

You're not alone. This scenario is more common than you think.

The culprit?

These pesky website myths that made you expect something from your website that it can't deliver by itself.

Website Myths like...

Once your website is live, you'll automatically attract visitors.

"Build it and they will come" doesn't work online either. Your website is a tool. Tools can't do anything without our help.

To get website visitors you need to have a strategy to let people know that your website exists and encourage them to visit.

If your website looks good, you'll start making sales.

Looking good is only part of the battle. Your website needs to convince visitors that your solution (products or services) is the right fit for them and lead them to take action (buy a product, book a service, contact you, etc).

This leads me to the next myth...

I don't need to invest in content.

This is simply not true. Content is what brings people to your website. Content is what makes them stay.

Content is what convinces them to sign up, contact you, download an app, or buy a product.

But not just any content can do all that. Only the right content can.

Do you know what the right content is?

I can do it myself and save money.

Building on my previous points, if you're unsure how to build a website that:

- is designed to convert website visitors into leads or customers

- is optimized for search engines

Then you shouldn't attempt to do it yourself because you most certainly will not save money... it's going to cost you sales, leads, and lots of frustration.

DesMone International Digital Marketing Services

Once your website is launched, the work is done.

No, my friends... the work has only just begun.

Now that you know the truth, don't let these myths hurt your bottom line!


Ready to ditch the guesswork and have a website that converts?

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