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3 Little Known Things That Are Key To Achieving Your Goals

The dawn of a new year is filled with so much hope and possibility. Whatever we didn't accomplish the previous year, for sure will happen this year.

3 Little Known Things That Are Key To Success

This is when people usually make new year's resolutions. The thing about these resolutions though is that they are fleeting. Once a few months have passed they become a distant memory.

Do we ever stop to think and evaluate WHY we didn't accomplish these goals last year?

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

If you truly want to achieve your goals this year it's going to require you to... CHANGE.

The key to achieving your goals isn't making a resolution or even creating a plan. Plans only work if you do.

The key is change.

1. Change your mindset.

How we think affects what we do. The problem is that many of us don't take the time to evaluate our thoughts, self-talk, self-limiting beliefs, emotional responses, or triggers. So the first step to changing your mindset is to evaluate your own thoughts.

When I evaluated my thoughts, I realized that I have a tendency to talk myself out of doing things. I'll tell myself maybe now isn't the right time, do it next week. Next week comes and I find another reason not to do it. I spent a lot of time thinking about doing things but not nearly enough time actually DOING them.

The second step is to recognize those old thought patterns when they happen and then lastly, train your brain to think differently by replacing the old/limiting thoughts with new/empowering thoughts.

Now when I catch myself finding reasons not to do something or put it off to the 5th of never, I instead train my mind to think of why I should do the particular task (like writing this article) right now.

2. Change your approach.

As humans, we can become so attached to a particular way of doing things, that the thought of doing something another way is completely beyond us.

We would rather spend 5 or 10 years spinning our wheels trying to make one way work and then quit in frustration, instead of embracing another approach that could propel us forward much faster.

To be successful in achieving our goals we have to learn to be "stubborn with [our] goals and flexible in [our] methods".

If your current methods aren't working, don't be afraid to change your approach. If you need to deepen your knowledge base, develop a new skill set, hire new talent or outsource to another company or agency to achieve your goals, then do it.

3. Change your inner circle.

They say if you want to be a millionaire, surround yourself with other millionaires.

If you're trying to eat healthier and exercise more this year, hanging around people who want to sit around all day and eat junk food is not going to motivate you.

Whatever it is you want to achieve this year, make sure that your inner circle is like-minded and supportive because they will encourage you to keep going on those days when you feel like quitting.

The you that you want to be, and the business that you want to build all depend on you changing your mindset, your approach, and your inner circle. Are you ready?


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