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 Digitally Transform Your Business & Stay Ahead Of The Curve 

Working Together To Unlock
More Of Your Business' Potential Online

Digital disruption has left many businesses behind and others scrambling to keep up. No longer is any business too big to fail, or too small to succeed. What if you could be a market disruptor and stay ahead of the curve, while unlocking more of your business' potential online?

My goal is to help you see and fill the gaps in your digital strategy that are preventing you from moving forward. Whether you're looking for a one on one consultation, team consultation or more in depth training, I can fit your needs.

What You Can Expect With DesMon International

  • Optimize Your Digital Strategy - Get a complete audit of your current efforts and actionable suggestions on where and how to fill the gaps.

  • One On One Consultations - Get hands on guidance with various aspects of digital marketing. I'll look at your business, challenges and goals, then suggest the next steps to move you forward in the right direction.

  • Team Consultations - Bring your entire team up to speed with the "why" of digital transformation and how it can positively impact them.

  • Workshops & Training - Book me for your next marketing event or team training.


Shernelle O'Neale
Owner, O'Beauty

As an entrepreneur, I wanted to take my digital marketing to a higher level but didn't know where to begin. Desirée patiently and professionally showed me the next steps. I am confident about moving forward with the guidance she gave me.

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